Dude, Where’s My Coach?

Ashton Kutcher is now an assistant football coach at Harvard Westlake, an elite school in Los Angeles.  Not one to kick someone while they’re an Ashton, but we like people giving back to the community.

It’s mostly everything else from “That 70’s Show”, to being a professional celebrity, to a Web 2.0 wannabe, that we find ridiculous and Busch League.  There’s nothing more to say, but we hope that Wilmer Valderama makes an appearance for a “win one for the Gipper speech.”

Juxtaposing his football coaching with an internet/entertainment start-up, Kutcher was spotted at the Techcrunch50 event in S.F. yesterday and pitched this idea to Silicon Valley, for an online series:

“A trio of politically incorrect animated adolescents poke fun at celebrities and pop culture. Users comment and get e-mails back containing snarky messages…[but his] business plan isn’t going to live off of paparazzi invasiveness.”

That’s a novel idea, someone who is stalked by the papparazzi making a show lampooning celebrities who are stalked by the papparazzi.  We look forward to a cartoon ripping on a celebrity coaching a football team in Hollywood, as long as it has user-initiated snarky commentary.

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3 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Coach?

  1. He’s probably looking to bang high school cooze…

  2. jonesy

    he’s from the midwest. we should run him through an oklahoma drill.

  3. starshiptrooper

    Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx will be at the USC/Ohio St. game tomorrow. Kutch will be coaching the JV HS squad instead.

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