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All-Star blogger and All-Pro football player, Chris Cooley showed his junk and Playing the Field captured the original photos.  Some were worried about his showing of the Redskins’ playbook, but his subtle displayig of his package was the only real part of the photo.  The playbook page was a fake.

Ed Hachuli blew a controversial call in the Chargers/Broncos game, which the Bronco eventually won.  Sports by Brooks is calling-out Ed “Guns” Hachuli for blowing the call, that was a fumble, but ruled an incomplete pass on the field.  Norv Turned showed a little backbone and was pissed off after the game.  The Broncos showed cajones by going for it all on a list minute 2 point conversion.  39-28 Broncos, was the final.  Cutler and Rivers showed the league that they’re becoming the class of the league for those QB’s not named Peyton or Tom.



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3 responses to “Blog Links and More Links

  1. jhuvelle

    The Nerve of sports by brooks too call out Ed Hachuli. Hachuli is the greatest american ever.

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