Lane Kiffen gives a Final F-U to Al Davis

Lane Kiffen is a lame duck coach who frankly should have stayed at USC instead of taking the Raiders head coaching job.  He was the offensive coordinator for a perennial national title team, and now is the whipping boy for Al Davis.  Lane gave the Raiders one last middle finger by having Sebastian Janikowski  attempt a 76 yard field goal before halftime on Sunday.  It made absolutely zero sense, and Janikowski didn’t even hit the end zone.  But Kiffen, who is rumored to have been fired today, it was his chance to show Davis that he’s still the boss.  Kiffen’s been given a short leash, and has little control over his fate with the Raiders.  He comes from a strong blood line, his father Monty has run the Tampa Bay Bucs defense since the Tony Dungy days.


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One response to “Lane Kiffen gives a Final F-U to Al Davis

  1. Oscar

    So what? Years ago, they may have had him drop-kick it.

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