College Game Day: NashVegas baby!

Vanderbilt University, the academic school of the SEC is hosting College Game Day on Saturday October 4, 08.  Kirk, Lee, Chris, and Desmond will descend on “Vandyland” to cover the college football landscape in addition to the Vandy/Auburn game Saturday night.  Vandy is 4-0 for the 4th time since 1950.

In case you missed it, the Vandy/Ole Miss was not even televised two weeks ago.  The feed was only available via an audio webcast.  Now, the entire Saturday ESPN college football coverage is anchored down in Nashville, TN.  The Vandy co-eds will be partying all day tomorrow, and click here for a picture of the Theta Pledge class, showing their Vandy pride topless (Thanks Clay Travis). And the Vandy frat guys will be partying up a storm, though not like these 57 fratters who got arrested after the Ole Miss game.

The Dores, now ranked 19 in the AP, are the perennial joke of the SEC, so much so that when Steve Spurrier left Florida to coach the Washington Redskins, Post writers such as Kornheiser and Wilbon said that the NFC was one of the more difficult divisions in football and Vanderbilt wasn’t on Spurrier’s Skins’ schedule.  Now the team is 4-0, and took revenge on Spurrier beating his current team, South Carolina, earlier in the year.

The school has Jay Cutler as an alumn, a coach who doesn’t allow his players to swear, and their biggest game of the decade (so far) on Saturday.


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