Lee Corso is Not Funny

ESPN Game Day was in Nashville, TN for the first time, ever.  Lee Corso unceremoniasly picked the Auburn Tigers to beat the Vanderbilt Commodores.  Yee have little faith.  To quote Michael Bolton, this no “talent ass-clown” faked-out the Vandy faithful by whipping out a Commodore mascot helmet, and then throwing on an Auburn jersey.  That’s OKAY, Corso is used to playing the bad guy when he heads to Game Day.  But when he threw on the Tennessee jersey after the Auburn helmet, he showed the true Kenny Chesney sycophant that he is.

Kenny Chesney did not belong on Game Day in Nashvegas.  The Gameday crew came to celebrate the Commodores, not the Volunteers who Chesney roots for.  I can’t stand it when Monday Night Football has irrevelent pop culture guests in the commentator booth, pluggng their next tour or movie, and this was no different.  They could have invited Vince Gill or any of the hundreds of country music fans who support the Dores.


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