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Chad Ocho Cinco is a Looney Tune

Chad Johnson is no more, he has re-invented himself, and his new last name is “Ocho Cinco.” The Ticket, ESPN Radio 790 in Miami, reports that Chad officially changed his last name. Luke expressed his disdain for ESPN in covering the soap opera of “Ocho Cinco.” Really, we’re all sick of this stuff. We believe that Chad needs to update us once a week, and quit wasting NFL fans time with all these dramatics. 24 Hour Sports News Networks are feeding this mess of mass sports marketing and shoving Chad Johnson down our collective throats.

However, Chad changing his name to Ocho Cinco, now that’s a novel idea. Maybe he’ll claim Latin America as his native land. This is a great career move, and now let’s not here from Mr. Ocho Cinco until next Friday. Thus far the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t updated their media guide to reflect Chad’s new surname, but we’ll keep you posted if this story is legit.

The Sporting News Blog


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D.C. Blogger Interviews Chris Cooley, at Mom’s House

Yes, Dan Steinberg, can’t publish any ‘Skins footage on his Washington Post Blog. The ‘Skins view his pubisher as print media, and only video broadcasters can post ‘Skins video. What does this mean? Dan Snyder is the ‘man’ keeping people down once again. Though Steinberg went to Cooley’s Mom’s house to beat the system and get an interview with Chris.

WordPress keeps me from embedding non Youtube or Dailymotion videos, but here’s the link.

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Washington Post’s Writer Has Man-Crush on Jason Taylor

Our buddy D.C. Justice is dialed in the “inside the beltway” sports, and all those who report on them.  He raises a good point about the Washington Post’s Mike Wise crossing the line with his man-crush on Jason Taylor.  It’s cool for our girlfriends to have a fantasy about someone from Dancing with the Stars, afterall it’s a show for the ladies.  But Mr. Wise’s bro-love is aggressive.

I am all for people having a man-crush on their favorite athletes. This article by Mike goes to far, I felt uncomfortable reading about his love of Jason Taylor. He says

“Goodbye, Derek Jeter. Peace out, Tom Brady. I don’t want to be you anymore. I have a new man-crush. Someone taller, faster, more handsome and unbelievably polished replaced you, someone who makes the foxtrot more in vogue than the sprinkler. ” ( ok I will let this slide and keep reading)

“But the more the square-shouldered gentleman infused humor with humility — the more he kept flashing the telegenic smile ”  ( a little questionable)

“Taylor looked like Xerxes, the clean-shaven, baritone-voiced Persian king in the movie “300.” Indeed, there was something about Jason Taylor that smacked of royalty. ” ( This is just too far)


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Jason Taylor Traded to ‘Skins

Our favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, Jason Taylor is now a Redskin. The Dolphins traded Taylor for a second round pick in 2009 and a sixth round pick in 2009. Taylor wanted a chance to win, now…but are the ‘Skins really that team? They’ve made the playoffs 2 our of 3 years and have a rookie head coach. Snyder opened his bank account and will pay Taylor $16.5 million over the next two years.

Snyder has been buying local D.C. sports talk radio stations like a madman, and canned local hero’s John Riggins’ show, in favor of ESPN’s Schrute-bag.

Taylor is old and has one or two good years left in him. The ‘Skins needed another lineman, so it’s a smart move by Vinny Cerrato. Wow, the ‘Skins made a smart off-season move, we just read that two times over.


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Belichick Tears Apart Spygate Film Boy

New England Coach Bill Belichick has one of football’s biggest ego – but he’s finally admitted to making a mistake. Check out the videotape – Belichick doesn’t understand Matt Walsh’s agenda for coming forth with the Spygate tapes and discredits Walsh as the “3rd” camera assistant on the team. Belichick is an offensive mastermind, but he’s also offensively arrogant. It’s good to finally see him eat some crow.

After Tony Dungy spoke about Spygate to a group of Tampa high school kids, and said:

“We talk about how important it is to do things the right way and have integrity so that when you do win, people can never ask that question,” he said. “That’s the great thing that I’m happy about with our team.
“Yes, we won. But no one is really going to ask, ‘Did they cheat? Did they do things the right way?’ I think our record speaks for itself and if you’re a true champion, that’s the way you’d like it to be.”

It’s obvious that Dungy is alluding to Spygate. I can’t wait to watch the Pats/Colts game November 2.

Aol Fanhouse
Tampa Tribune

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Kardashian Makes Bush a Risque Calendar – He’s Not Psyched

Our friend Jimmy Traina at Extra Mustard has been ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and tuned into last night’s show. Thankfully we didn’t have to sit through a whole episode but he summed it up for us:

Kim decided to make a calendar for Reggie Bush. Kim’s mom then decided to sell the calendar. Reggie got pissed that these risque calendars were on the market. Kim had to buy back all the calendars.

Bush has every right to be upset, but why would she make the calendar in the first place. I”m sure he’s not fired-up to hear the taunts from his opponents and fans alike next season.

Extra Mustard

Co-ed Magazine

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