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Happy 4th Weekend!

Best of the Baron:

Shan Foster, SEC player of the year from Vanderbilt, was picked 51st pick in the NBA Draft and recorded a tune that shows how pumped he is for the NBA!

Clinton Portis unveiled his new costumes, our personal favorite – Bud Fox

Shaquille O’Neal spit out some rhymes proclaiming his excellence over former teammate, Kobe Bryant.  Not everyone can sing like our man Shan.  

Barry Melrose, the best mullet ever?  


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Best Mullet in Sports History

I went to college in the south, mullets are prevalent in that part of the country.  Incidentally, this is a list is the Oscar’s of Mullets, the top 12 sports mullet in history.  Barry Melrose won, but we all know Dennis Eckerly is the people’s choice.



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