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Jets vs. Titans

Sunday features the most intriguing match-up in the NFL, with the undefeated Tennessee Titans taking on Brett Favre and the New York Jets.  Yes, this is a great game, the Titans used to be the Houston Oilers, coached by Buddy Ryan, and the N.Y. Jets were once a doormant 1980’s franchise QB’d by Ken O’Brien.  

In the honor of the 1980’s and those cool cats mentioned above, here is Nice N’ Smooth with a kicking jam.  If you weren’t around in the late 80’s or early 90’s for Yo! Mtv Raps, then skip to the Stone Nudes post.


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Favre, ESPN, and Ocean’s 12

In an ideal world, Joe Montana would not have played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Mays would have avoided his time with the Mets, and Brad Pitt wouldn’t have made Ocean’s 12. But they did, and we’re okay with it. Brett Favre has been stirring up his own ghosts and killing his reputation by playing chicken with the Packers. This is is tarnishing his image more than playing for another team would.

ESPN is running a diary on the Brett Favre saga, and the network is completely embarrassing itself. We’ve done our best to avoid covering the whole debacle, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN from providing commentary from John Clayton, Chris Mortenson, and Ed Werner. It may make for good TV in the minds of ESPN executives, but really it’s dragging their already beaten image through the mud. Yes, they’re the worldwide leader, but both Brett Favre and ESPN are losing their grip on what matters in sports, competition. It’s as if TMZ has taken over the network an only rumor, innuendo, and speculation are running over the network’s airwaves.

Personally, the Packers should release the guy or trade him to a team of his choice for cash. Seriously, sending Favre to the Vikings for $5 million dollars would suffice and get Brett out of their hair. The Packers and Aaron Rogers wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl this year, so trading him to a division wouldn’t kill their chances of winning. This is the slowest month of the sports season and we’d rather get a root canal than watch this soap opera continue.

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Today’s Bloggy McBloggerson Run-down

Awful Announcing – Erin Andrews showed up last week looking hot the Cubs/Brewers July 30 game, perhaps a little too fine for Lou Pinella’s liking: “Hey, hey, hey! Look at this!” Piniella said, loudly and excitedly. “Are you doing a baseball game today or a modeling assignment?”  This writer does not have much cache, he writes for the Peoria Journal Star.

Sports By Brooks – The Green Bay Packers offered Brett Favre $20 million over 10 years to stay home!

Deadspin – Ron Artest is still ghetto, and no one, not even Yao Ming can change him. From Artest: “I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture.” Wow, Ron’s already trash talking to his teammates, 24 hours into his new Rockets regime.


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Stephen A. Smith Meltdown on ESPN over Brett Favre Comeback

Stephen A. Smith is over the whole Brett Favre “love affair” in the media. In this video, Stephen A. throws out his standard lines like “this is uttery ridiculous” and he is “sick to his stomach” about The World Wide Leader’s infatuation with Favre. He sounds like a screaming idiot, but his argument makes sense.

We agree with Stephen A., the media loves Brett Favre and John Madden has wanted to service him for years. Brett is holding his team ransom and has created a schism between Green Bay fans holding rallies outside Lambeau field and the fans who want the Aaron Rogers regime to start. Wait, no Green Bay fans want the Aaron Rogers era to begin.

The Packers have told Favre that he can be their back-up QB. That is fair since Favre is being dramatic and needy. The NFL has held him up as the poster-child for all that’s right about football, and he’s tearing his team apart, while it’s “sickening” that Favre’s coming back and the media is backing him up. Everyone, but Stephen A. that is….


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