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The Week that Was in Baronsville, Mid-Summer Edition

It was another packed week, with featured guest contributors and our own, angry B.C. fan vented about the Atlanta Falcon’s Fan Outreach with Matt Ryan

The Hipster Fight Club is the weekend video. This isn’t exactly a UFC match, but Luke, let’s throw these guys into the Octagon.

Federer and Nadel played an epic match, that most of America missed. Watch the highlights

Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman will be working on NBC Sunday Night Football this fall We hope that they bring the heat.

Two mustache posts in a row, Mr. Giambi rocks a ‘stach with a big endorsement, while a classic 80’s mustache wearer, Don Mattingly is the Dodgers hitting coach.

Evan Longoria made the All-Star Game and canceled his Vegas trip. When’s football coming back already?


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Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman “En Fuego” again?

Dan and Keith return to NBC this fall for the NFL on NBC pre-game show. These two sportscasters worked their comedy chops in the early 90’s when teaming for “The Big Show” on ESPN’s Sportscenter. They were trailblazer back then, but each have gone their separate ways after the split from the show. Keith Olberman left ESPN in 1997 to turn to turn to Fox Sports Net, and after getting fired on that job he turned to more mainstream journalism. He currently hosts a news program on MNBC’s Countdown.

Dan Patrick was at ESPN radio and had great takes with his co-host Dibble in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately he left ESPN last year and has resurfaced on a nationally syndicate radio show which isn’t picking up a huge national radio following.

These guys were breaking new ground at ESPN in the 1990’s, but will they pick-up where they left off when Keith co-hosted an hour with Dan on his ESPN radio show? That remains to be seen.

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