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Dan Snyder is Sort of a Tool

Dan Snyder is fired up and very awkward in expressing his true feelings.  This was his reaction after the Cowboys victory. This is his celebration after the Eagles’ win.  Thanks to Mr.  Irrelevant.


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Washington Post’s Writer Has Man-Crush on Jason Taylor

Our buddy D.C. Justice is dialed in the “inside the beltway” sports, and all those who report on them.  He raises a good point about the Washington Post’s Mike Wise crossing the line with his man-crush on Jason Taylor.  It’s cool for our girlfriends to have a fantasy about someone from Dancing with the Stars, afterall it’s a show for the ladies.  But Mr. Wise’s bro-love is aggressive.

I am all for people having a man-crush on their favorite athletes. This article by Mike goes to far, I felt uncomfortable reading about his love of Jason Taylor. He says

“Goodbye, Derek Jeter. Peace out, Tom Brady. I don’t want to be you anymore. I have a new man-crush. Someone taller, faster, more handsome and unbelievably polished replaced you, someone who makes the foxtrot more in vogue than the sprinkler. ” ( ok I will let this slide and keep reading)

“But the more the square-shouldered gentleman infused humor with humility — the more he kept flashing the telegenic smile ”  ( a little questionable)

“Taylor looked like Xerxes, the clean-shaven, baritone-voiced Persian king in the movie “300.” Indeed, there was something about Jason Taylor that smacked of royalty. ” ( This is just too far)


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Redskins Shaun Suisham 110 yard field goal – Not as Real as We’d Like to Believe

Real or Fake?  Youtube nerds have been skeptical about the truth the 110 yard field goal kick since WUSA uploaded the video to their site weeks ago.   And not surprisingly, Brett Haber, confirmed that it is indeed a fake.

This whole real or fake video phenomenon mostly happens in post-production, not on the field.  Ronaldhino didn’t hit the cross bar 4 times in a row, Kobe didn’t jump over an Aston Martin, and Suisham’s leg isn’t strong enough for a 110 yard field goal.


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