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With the 15th The Phoenix Suns Select – SideShow Bob

NBA Draft Coverage in a nutshell…Derrick Rose, the point guard from Memphis went to Chicago at the 1st pick, Michael Beaseley from Kansas State went to Miami at the 2nd pick, and…Brook Lopez from Stanford put together his best Sideshow Bob inpersonation when the 15th picks came around.

The site: Next Round put together a photo montage of all of the NBA Commish’s All-Time Most Awkward Handshakes. Click for more photos after the jump.

Update: Shan Foster was taken with the 51st pick in the draft by the Dallas Mavericks. Marc Cuban is excited and congrats to Shan, he’s going to be a legit NBA player. Marc Cuban from the Dallas Morning News:

“All you have to do is look at his YouTube tape where he had nine 3s against Mississippi State. It’s incredible the range he has. [ESPN analyst] Jay Bilas said Shan couldn’t hit the NBA 3, but he never even takes a college 3. I think we got a steal, but we’ll see. Everybody’s a hero on draft day.”

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Shan Foster…He’s Pumped for the NBA

Our buddy Shan Foster wrote a NBA Draft song. This guy made some clutch baskets this past season, see Ole Miss, Tennessee and he wants us to check out his keyboard playing skills. He’s got skills, but can he freestyle like Shaq?

Follow the jump for his 42 point effort vs. Ole Miss in March.

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