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Chad Ocho Cinco is a Looney Tune

Chad Johnson is no more, he has re-invented himself, and his new last name is “Ocho Cinco.” The Ticket, ESPN Radio 790 in Miami, reports that Chad officially changed his last name. Luke expressed his disdain for ESPN in covering the soap opera of “Ocho Cinco.” Really, we’re all sick of this stuff. We believe that Chad needs to update us once a week, and quit wasting NFL fans time with all these dramatics. 24 Hour Sports News Networks are feeding this mess of mass sports marketing and shoving Chad Johnson down our collective throats.

However, Chad changing his name to Ocho Cinco, now that’s a novel idea. Maybe he’ll claim Latin America as his native land. This is a great career move, and now let’s not here from Mr. Ocho Cinco until next Friday. Thus far the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t updated their media guide to reflect Chad’s new surname, but we’ll keep you posted if this story is legit.

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Adam Jones Makin’ it Rain in a Local Dallas Commercial

Pacman, or now just Adam Jones, is in a local Dallas TV ad with Deion. I don’t even know where to begin with this. How much do we love USA? You know he’s so pissed that he can’t hit-up strip clubs anymore.  This isn’t as amazing as the Eastern Motors, but worth a look.


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The Demise of the Journalist, Ocho Cinco-Style

From Expert Pundit Luke

“The world is gonna get every bit of Dade County I got in me. If you don’t understand what that means, watch the Hurricanes of the 90’s.”

Chad Johnson is a warrior poet if I have ever seen one. Chad should probably sit down with Michael Irvin and ask him how it felt when he was being carted off to a chorus of boos in Philly, because that is the direction Chad is headed at this point. Chad is a tremendous athlete and receiver, but this sort of stuff isn’t even entertaining at this point. It’s basically reached the point of complete and utter stupidity. I feel like I lost two thousand brain cells when I saw that, we as a nation are less intelligent for listening to it.

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Favre, ESPN, and Ocean’s 12

In an ideal world, Joe Montana would not have played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Mays would have avoided his time with the Mets, and Brad Pitt wouldn’t have made Ocean’s 12. But they did, and we’re okay with it. Brett Favre has been stirring up his own ghosts and killing his reputation by playing chicken with the Packers. This is is tarnishing his image more than playing for another team would.

ESPN is running a diary on the Brett Favre saga, and the network is completely embarrassing itself. We’ve done our best to avoid covering the whole debacle, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN from providing commentary from John Clayton, Chris Mortenson, and Ed Werner. It may make for good TV in the minds of ESPN executives, but really it’s dragging their already beaten image through the mud. Yes, they’re the worldwide leader, but both Brett Favre and ESPN are losing their grip on what matters in sports, competition. It’s as if TMZ has taken over the network an only rumor, innuendo, and speculation are running over the network’s airwaves.

Personally, the Packers should release the guy or trade him to a team of his choice for cash. Seriously, sending Favre to the Vikings for $5 million dollars would suffice and get Brett out of their hair. The Packers and Aaron Rogers wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl this year, so trading him to a division wouldn’t kill their chances of winning. This is the slowest month of the sports season and we’d rather get a root canal than watch this soap opera continue.

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Heaviest Slam Ever

We went to the X-Games over the weekend, photos are forthcoming. Until then, this is from last year’s games when Jake Brown did a crazy 720 and dropped in a free fall from the top of the quarterpipe.

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Red Lasso is Over, It Was a Good Run

When we first used Red Lasso last year, and we talked a friend and coleague who knows the digital space like the back of his hand. We emailed him about how “cool” we thought it was to be able to clip a TV show highlights to embed with great ease on our blogs. We loved that any ESPN show could be recorded, digitized, and then allowed to be shared on the internet. Open Source had won, and we could now dissect Cold Pizza with ease. My friend said “yeah, it’s a great service, too bad they’ll be sued out existence.”

Now, it’s official, Red Lasso, we will wear black for you this week since you have indeed been “sued out of existence” and are shutting down. The Feds gave you a cease and desist order on behalf of Hulu (Fox and NBC). The political blogs Huffington Post and Crooks and Liars saw this day coming and feared that with the Lasso’s eventual downfall, they would lose hundreds and thousands of archives.

CBS, Fox, and NBC had filed lawsuit against the company, and unfortunately as bloggers we’ll continue to scour youtube for our pirated clips. Google’s army of lawyers is much larger than the Lasso’s. Until the networks get together and offer an easier and more simple way to cut-up our ESPN, CBS, and local news clips, we’ll be waiting for the next Lasso. R.I.P.


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Skip and Stephen A. – Working Hard to Entertain

This is pure comedy…Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are talking Dark Knight. Bayless is so bad at playing a tough guy that he pretends not to like this movie. He’s the kind of of guy who made Crossfire look like true genius. This clip makes us love the internet. Without it, we’d miss such classic banter, that’s left to those unemployed or who work from home, and have time to watch this useless sports filler.

I think that my 12 year old cousin would give a better review. He “acts” like Nicholson played a better Joker than Ledger…Give me a Pardon the Interuption show anyway compared to this b rated Cold Pizza. Seriously, I don’t know which is worse, these guys talking film or a root canal. Enjoy.

[redlasso id=”c00bcf31-7252-458e-adb3-46b75a5e49ba”]


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