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Viva Espana – Photo of the Week

Los Espanoles won the European Championship over Germany 1-0. It was a huge victory for what is the World Cup, but for Europe. Could you imagine Bill Belichek being hoisted in the air by the Pats players after winning the Super Bowl? Not so much, the Euros are more comfortable in their sexuality than we are are. See the video to prove that point. This is how the Spainairds celebrated their victory, maybe Perez Hilton should pick this one up.

With Leather


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Germany 3-2 over Portugal

I am trying to get into the Euro Cup, but like most Americans “football” is on every Sunday in the fall.  These highlights from the Germany/Portugal game are worth checking out.  Frankly, I don’t have the patience to watch a whole soccer match, but I like them in bite-sized pieces.

The Portugal goalie made some sick saves, but he had a lot of shots on goals.  Word.




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