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A-11 Offensive – High School Offensive on Crack

A Piedmont, CA. high school team implemented the A-11 package this past season.  The offense is based around every player being potentially eligible to carry/throw/catch the ball.  From Rivals:

The A-11 Offense (All Eleven Players Potentially Eligible) is an innovative new offense that blends aspects of almost every type of offense in the history of football such as the West Coast, Spread Option, Run and Shoot, Shotgun Zone Fly, Wing-T, Single Wing, Notre Dame Box, Triple Option and Veer just to name a few. Teams can use the A-11 as a “package” to supplement their own offense & feature up to eleven players as potential threats, and even two quarterbacks in the shotgun!

The team who is lead by innovator, Head Coach Kurt Bryant triumphed with a 7-4 record last season and a first round state playoff appearance.  Each formation includes two QBs and every other player who acts as a Wide Receiver, by wearing an eligible receiver jersey.  This looks like a genius formation made to throw-off any high school defense in Northern California.  Look at this video and check out the dual QB formation which each player in the shotgun…pretty sick.

All 11 Offense



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Cheerleader Gets Plowed Over

This is still funny to me. It’s classic that she made it through the rest of the game, but with a bruised jaw. The cheerleader got Pwned!

Extra Mustard

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