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Photo of the Year – Phelps by a Fingertip

It was Phelps’ 7th gold medal and he won it by .01 of a second.  Did he win it outright?  We think so, but skeptics say otherwise.  The guy is a machine, and he used all 6 feet 5 inches of his frame on this wall-touch.  Phelps is on the left and won the  race due to his “half” stroke finish. 


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Aaron Peirsol, The Missing Link to the Wilson Brothers

The Bejing games were good to Aaron Peirsol, he went home with two golds and a silver, in addition to two world records in the 4 x 100 medley relay team (Phelps’ 8th gold medal race) and the 100 meter backstroke . But is he also the 4th Wilson brother? In our book, he’s a possible ringer to be tapped into the next Wes Anderson movie.


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Hungarian Weightlifter Mishap

Bodybuilders sacrifice their bodies for the attention and glory that comes from powerlifting hundreds of pounds of weight. That being said, Janos Baranyai had a “major malfunction” when he lifted his weight in the Olympics. Youtube took down the video for copywrite infringement from NBC, but LiveLeak is leaving there’s up. The guy dislocated his elbow trying to win Olympic gold and he’s in a world of pain. This clip is painful to watch, warning to those with a low threshold for arms that bend in the wrong direction.

Click here for the Live Leak version of the video, wordpress (our blog) doesn’t allow video embeds from LiveLeak.

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