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It feels just like asshammer!

This is classic.  Not to be confused with the WWF song Piledriver, Matt Stairs hit the game-winning home run and made an amazing quote.  It’s a great juxtaposition of words.


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Last Inning at Yankee Stadium

It was the last hurrah at Yankee Stadium, in case you’ve been living in a hole and not watching ESPN.  The “network” has trumped this event like JFK had been shot and the grassy knoll is the outfield where Mickey Mantle used to spit tobacco.

I went to the stadium twice and the first time, sat in the nose bleeds.  It was a terrible view and the stadium seemed to lack any intimacy.  I followed up another time and sat in the bleachers.  I thought that it was cool that the “bleacher creatures” had a song that cheered for every Yankee in the starting line-up, and that each Yankee player in the outfield would acknowledge the fans as the creatures sang the song during warm-ups.  But the bleacher scene lacked the party atmosphere at Wrigley and I found most of the bleacher fans repulsive.

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Obama is a White Sox Fan and Hillary is a Flip-Flopper

Barack Obama is loyal to the the Chicago White Sox and John McCain follows the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I respect that they aren’t flip-flopping and playing the diplomatic card to appease voters.  Obama spoke out to the beacon of sports journalism, Stu Scott, and pledged his loyal allegiance to the White Sox.  He is not afraid to alienate the millions of Cubs fan nation-wide, because he knows that they are merely bandwagon jumpers.  Obama said:

“I’m not one of these fair weather fans…You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball. Southside.”

I respect Obama’s move, especially since Hilary Clinton told Americans she’d root for both the Cubs and the Yankees if they met in the World Series.  The late Tim Russert pressed her with choosing between her Senatorial jurisdiction’s team, the Yankees and her hometown team the Cubs.  Click here for a clip of her answer to “alternate sides” and root for both teams in a Cubs/Yankees World Series.

Similar to the growth of Red Sox Nation after their recent World Series triumphs, Cubs Nation expanding with great fervor.  Fans from across the nation watch the team on WGN or know the Cubs through the Blues Bros. movie.  All these folks are itching to call themselves life-long Cubs fans as soon as they win the next World Series.

There’s no wonder that Barrack has the nomination.  Hillary’s calcuated campaign made her seem like a politcal robot than a person.  Barrack is sticking to his sports roots and he’s the democratic nominee.

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For the Cubs Fans

Swigging beers and watching Cubs games from the bleachers make for an ideal summer day in Chicago. This bleacher bum is one a few fans who caught a home run this day, while simultaneously pounding his beer.  Buy this man another round, or atleast give him a high five.

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Why does everyone hate Chris Berman so much?

A Sports Baron Exclusive by Al Davis, Jr.

Cameras caught a slimmer – albeit slightly – Chris Berman at this year’s MLB All-Star game. Rumors abound that the NFL Primetime vet will start hawking Nutrisystem. In the blogosphere, Berman’s pitchman gig set of the latest round of Berman Bashing. Check out the commenters on The Big Lead’s Nutrisystem post.

It is no secret that Berman is a pompous bully. Yes, he is corpulent. No, he’s not the prodigy he thinks he is. Yes, Boomer is an ass. No, he hasn’t said anything innovative since we asked the barber to cut our hair like Zach Morris’.

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Josh Hamilton’s Home Run Derby Highlights

Hamilton belted 28 Home Runs on Monday and lost the HR Derby to Minnesota’s Justin Morneau who took home the trophy. The two players entered the fourth and final round even in HR’s, even though Hamilton lead 35-22 in total HR’s in the first 3 rounds.

Hamilton is everyone’s feel good story of the All-Star Game. For those just joining us, he used to live in a van, down by the river. Literally, he lived in a hot mess of a trailer in North Carolina. He is a self-proclaimed crack addict, heavily used pharmies, and partied hard like he was in Motley Crue.

The former number 1 pick in the 1999 Draft by the Tampa Bay Rays, hit rock bottom. The dude was habitually being suspended by The Rays and left baseball from 2002-2006. Now he’s jacking 28 HR’s at the Major League Baseball All-Star game and leads the majors with 95 RBI’s.



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Best 1980’s Mustache: Magnum P.I. Vs Donnie Baseball Vs Wade Boggs

Mustache Hall of Famer, Don Mattingly is now the Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach, after the All-Star break. Mattingly had some family issues which is why he didn’t take the gig at the start of the season. We’ll see if Joe Torre will develop the magic of the Yankees batting order, reincarnated at Dodger Stadium. Dodgers GM, Ned Coletti announced that he’ll now be replacing Mike Easler, who stepped up for the first half of the season.

Now it’s time to play Mr. Baseball v. Donnie Baseball v. Wade Boggs.

In honor of the American Mustache Institute we’d like to have a vote on the best mustaches of recent baseball memory. This is better than the Affliction Banned show and the odds are 3:1 that Magnum P.I. wins this contest. Anyone who rocks a ‘stache and a Hawaiian shirt is a winner in my book. Al Davis Jr. is mindreader, and Luke from the Bushwhackers likes to party. Though the 1980’s Mattingly and Boggs handle bars are classic.

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