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Iron Mike Playing “Air Drums”

Classic Mike Tyson….


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Evan Tanner: A True Warrior

Luke Bushwhacker is our expert on MMA and sent us a retrospective commentary on the life of Evan Tanner.  For those who don’t follow MMA, Tanner a former MMA-great, was found dead on a camping trip, as the L.A. Times reports:

“His body is discovered in a remote desert area of Imperial County. Authorities say he apparently ‘succumbed to the elements.”

Like Chris McCandless in “Into the Wild,” mother nature got the best of him.  Please comment on your favorite moment of Tanner’s.  Here is an exclusive feature from Luke:

If you haven’t already heard, the sport of MMA lost a true warrior yesterday, Evan Tanner. Though not all details have surfaced, it appears that Tanner embarked on a trip to the desert, ran out of gas, attempted to walk his way out, and ultimately was overcome by dehydration in the mountains near Palo Verde, CA. The unfortunate circumstances of his death mirror the manner in which he lived his life both in and out of cage, which was loose and on the edge.

Travelling in the desert alone is dangerous for even the most experienced of outdoors men, but Evan Tanner only did life one way. In the ring, Tanner was a throwback fighter, never one for a game plan he entered the ring with an “Anywhere, Anytime” attitude. His style in the ring screamed “Me Against the World” and he was very successful using it. He became the USWF Heavyweight Champ in 1997 and successfully defended his title seven times. He then headed off to the UFC, where he immediately faced Tito Ortiz for the light heavyweight title and lost, but he eventually took home the middleweight crown in 2005.

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Capoeira Fighter Gets More Than He Bargained For


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Alicia Sacramone – Has a Great Left Hook

From Luke

Olympic Gymnast, Alicia Sacramone, is hot and has a great left hook. MMA Girls uncovered a great clip of her on youtube punching some drunk college kid at Brown. Who knew people at Brown drank? I thought they all went Emo before Emo was Emo and now they were in the stage of creating a new fad for wimpy people with deeply held anger issues, but I digress.

The chick is smoking, a gymnast and could probably beat up the jerk at your office who makes fun of you, dare I say every man’s dream. Details Here. Funny her bio on NBC sports doesn’t mention anything about an amateur boxing career, Costas why haven’t you gotten to this story yet

Bringing Back the Bushwhackers


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Indy Wrester Gets PWNED by Women Grapplers

This post if authored by Luke Bushwhacker and if you like MMA check back here for weekly updates from Luke and his brother Butch.

File this one under possible Darwin Award winners for 2008. Some hick from North Carolina with no MMA, Boxing or fighting background thought it would be a great idea to enter into a pro wrestling tough man competition. The kicker is that it was a women’s tournament……things got ugly real quick. Check the video below. Full story here

Bringing Back the Bushwhackers

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From Luke:

The UFC is considering a November return for Rampage and a bout against Wanderlei Silva. Are you kidding me? The guy is mental, there is no way he should be let back in the ring until he gets his head on straight, not to mention he’d get his head kicked in again by Wandy. Details are here, even more info from SI.com here


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First Ever WNBA Brawl – Detroit Bad Boys vs. L.A. Sparks

Fistacuffs broke out last night at the Shock/Sparks WNBA game. Bill Lambeer’s Detroit Shock got tangled up with Candice Parker and the L.A. Sparks. Wow, this will be great for the leagues P.R. This may be the best thing to happen to the league in years, if not ever. The league is stale and boring, and personally we’d tune into the WNBA is they showed a little more fire and fights broke out more often.

What makes this even more amazing, is that Rick Mahorn, a coach of the Shock, shoved (or gently pushed) Lisa Leslie from the L.A. Sparks to the floor at The Palace in Auburn Hills. Yes, this is the same Rick Mahorn, who as a broadcaster jumped up into the stands to keep Ron Artest from jacking up fans in the Pacers/Pistons brawl.

From Mahorn:

I was trying to protect the whole game, the integrity of the game,” Mahorn told the media after the game. “I would never push a woman. This game, I love this game too much.”Lisa Leslie, Candice Park and the L.A. Sparks lost the fight, but Rick Mahorn may have lost the battle.

To quote the old Warner Wolf line: Let’s go to the video tape:


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