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Last Inning at Yankee Stadium

It was the last hurrah at Yankee Stadium, in case you’ve been living in a hole and not watching ESPN.  The “network” has trumped this event like JFK had been shot and the grassy knoll is the outfield where Mickey Mantle used to spit tobacco.

I went to the stadium twice and the first time, sat in the nose bleeds.  It was a terrible view and the stadium seemed to lack any intimacy.  I followed up another time and sat in the bleachers.  I thought that it was cool that the “bleacher creatures” had a song that cheered for every Yankee in the starting line-up, and that each Yankee player in the outfield would acknowledge the fans as the creatures sang the song during warm-ups.  But the bleacher scene lacked the party atmosphere at Wrigley and I found most of the bleacher fans repulsive.


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Picture of the Week – New York, New York

Fill in the caption on this photo!

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