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Dan Marino Ousted from Inside the NFL

The Baron hasn’t watched “Inside the NFL” in years, but it’s one of things that’s nice to know is still around.  When HBO canceled he show we were legitimately bummed.  But we were psyched to hear that Showtime picked up the show, even though we never watch it.  These types of institutions should be what keeps the NFL alive with an un-biased take on the league.  With the NFL Network caring more about the bottom line than the league’s fans, the show is a great fan-first entity.

Dan Marino always had his issues with TV.  This is an NBC Sports clip, but it further shows that Dan has trouble with the medium.  I love the stink-eye he gives Boomer at the end of this clip.  The new roundtable of the former NFL show will instead feature Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and host James Brown


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Bud Foxx, The Ultimate Fighter – Clinton Portis and his Four New Characters

Clinton Portis is a funny dude who was blessed with a unique style of humor.  His characters like Southeast Jerome and Dolemite Jenkins are examples of why he’s becoming a a Riggins like cult-hero in DC.  All he needs is a ring to compliment these hilarious outfits.  He introduced four new characters today on the NFL Network.

Meet Dr. Do Itch Big, who is the dentist who gave Michael Strahan a gap tooth.

yeah, this is awesome

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