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NBC and NFL Team-Up to Syndicate NFL Games on Internet

Fans can experience the NCAA tourney online, MLB, and U.S. Golf Open. Now the NFL is getting into the digital mix, with NBC creating an interactive distribution for it’s Sunday Night Football Games. From the Wall Street Journal:

But it is a tentative step, covering only games that air on NBC, excluding the NFL’s 239 other games that air on other networks, including CBS, Fox and ESPN, during the regular season. Nor does it include the league’s playoffs or the Super Bowl, which will air on NBC next year.

Viewers will be able to choose from among at least four live camera angles and review statistics that update during the game, according to the league. The league and the network will share in ad sales.

Seriously, who’s using their laptop Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. NBC is availalbe for all who have local network TV, for free on our flat screen and plasma TVs. To really capitalize on this trend to watch the NFL on our laps tops, would be for ESPN (this will never happen) to broadcast the Monday night games online. Thus, people working on the west coast could watch the games while finishing up their office jobs.

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Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman “En Fuego” again?

Dan and Keith return to NBC this fall for the NFL on NBC pre-game show. These two sportscasters worked their comedy chops in the early 90’s when teaming for “The Big Show” on ESPN’s Sportscenter. They were trailblazer back then, but each have gone their separate ways after the split from the show. Keith Olberman left ESPN in 1997 to turn to turn to Fox Sports Net, and after getting fired on that job he turned to more mainstream journalism. He currently hosts a news program on MNBC’s Countdown.

Dan Patrick was at ESPN radio and had great takes with his co-host Dibble in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately he left ESPN last year and has resurfaced on a nationally syndicate radio show which isn’t picking up a huge national radio following.

These guys were breaking new ground at ESPN in the 1990’s, but will they pick-up where they left off when Keith co-hosted an hour with Dan on his ESPN radio show? That remains to be seen.

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