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“Wa Wa Wee Wa?! Eto off to Uzbekistan?”

A Sports Baron Exclusive by Ibracadabra

From Barcelona – 5 kilometers of coastline and a Mediterranean climate to the landlocked country of Uzbekistan that shares a short border with Afghanistan? Really, Samuel?

In the most sensational news story of world soccer’s off-season, Barcelona’s best striker over the past four years, the Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o is actually considering an offer from Uzbekistani team Kuruvchi.

The 27-year old in the prime of his career may have been derailed by injuries for parts of last season, but still managed 20 goals in 24 appearances for the Spanish soccer giants. Now it looks like he may be headed for Borat’s neighborhood.

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$240,000 + Super Model = Modern Day Slave

A Sports Baron Exclusive by Ibracadabra

Does this look like the image of a slave to you? According to the President of FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, Sepp Blatter, that’s precisely what Cristiano Ronaldo is.

Ronaldo, the 23 year old Portugal international and arguably the world’s best player, is currently on a $240,000 a week salary but that didn’t stop FIFA’s President from depicting the player’s current transfer saga as an example of modern slavery.

Representatives from Ronaldo’s club, Manchester United have maintained that they are unwilling to sell the player to Real Madrid, despite aggressive overtures by the Spanish giants. The slave, Ronaldo, is stuck in the middle, but hey, at least he can still afford those partially faded, hipster jeans. Look at those bootleg cuffs, Cristiano, beats handcuffs and shackles right? And a nice bird on the arm as well who is model Nereida Gallardo.

In a further twist of irony and relevancy to the FIFA President’s poor judgment and misuse of words is the story of the upcoming 2010 World Cup, being held in South Africa. Blatter, the man who compares players to slaves, is actually in charge of bringing the tournament to African soil for the first time in the competition’s history.

Perhaps the “master” of world soccer has neglected to read up on his world history. Apartheid in South Africa, that’s a form of slavery, Mr. Blatter. Designer denim Diesel jeans on the world’s greatest footballer, not exactly.


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Viva Espana – Photo of the Week

Los Espanoles won the European Championship over Germany 1-0. It was a huge victory for what is the World Cup, but for Europe. Could you imagine Bill Belichek being hoisted in the air by the Pats players after winning the Super Bowl? Not so much, the Euros are more comfortable in their sexuality than we are are. See the video to prove that point. This is how the Spainairds celebrated their victory, maybe Perez Hilton should pick this one up.

With Leather

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Germany 3-2 over Portugal

I am trying to get into the Euro Cup, but like most Americans “football” is on every Sunday in the fall.  These highlights from the Germany/Portugal game are worth checking out.  Frankly, I don’t have the patience to watch a whole soccer match, but I like them in bite-sized pieces.

The Portugal goalie made some sick saves, but he had a lot of shots on goals.  Word.




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