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Red Lasso is Over, It Was a Good Run

When we first used Red Lasso last year, and we talked a friend and coleague who knows the digital space like the back of his hand. We emailed him about how “cool” we thought it was to be able to clip a TV show highlights to embed with great ease on our blogs. We loved that any ESPN show could be recorded, digitized, and then allowed to be shared on the internet. Open Source had won, and we could now dissect Cold Pizza with ease. My friend said “yeah, it’s a great service, too bad they’ll be sued out existence.”

Now, it’s official, Red Lasso, we will wear black for you this week since you have indeed been “sued out of existence” and are shutting down. The Feds gave you a cease and desist order on behalf of Hulu (Fox and NBC). The political blogs Huffington Post and Crooks and Liars saw this day coming and feared that with the Lasso’s eventual downfall, they would lose hundreds and thousands of archives.

CBS, Fox, and NBC had filed lawsuit against the company, and unfortunately as bloggers we’ll continue to scour youtube for our pirated clips. Google’s army of lawyers is much larger than the Lasso’s. Until the networks get together and offer an easier and more simple way to cut-up our ESPN, CBS, and local news clips, we’ll be waiting for the next Lasso. R.I.P.



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Skip and Stephen A. – Working Hard to Entertain

This is pure comedy…Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are talking Dark Knight. Bayless is so bad at playing a tough guy that he pretends not to like this movie. He’s the kind of of guy who made Crossfire look like true genius. This clip makes us love the internet. Without it, we’d miss such classic banter, that’s left to those unemployed or who work from home, and have time to watch this useless sports filler.

I think that my 12 year old cousin would give a better review. He “acts” like Nicholson played a better Joker than Ledger…Give me a Pardon the Interuption show anyway compared to this b rated Cold Pizza. Seriously, I don’t know which is worse, these guys talking film or a root canal. Enjoy.

[redlasso id=”c00bcf31-7252-458e-adb3-46b75a5e49ba”]


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Stephen A. Smith Meltdown on ESPN over Brett Favre Comeback

Stephen A. Smith is over the whole Brett Favre “love affair” in the media. In this video, Stephen A. throws out his standard lines like “this is uttery ridiculous” and he is “sick to his stomach” about The World Wide Leader’s infatuation with Favre. He sounds like a screaming idiot, but his argument makes sense.

We agree with Stephen A., the media loves Brett Favre and John Madden has wanted to service him for years. Brett is holding his team ransom and has created a schism between Green Bay fans holding rallies outside Lambeau field and the fans who want the Aaron Rogers regime to start. Wait, no Green Bay fans want the Aaron Rogers era to begin.

The Packers have told Favre that he can be their back-up QB. That is fair since Favre is being dramatic and needy. The NFL has held him up as the poster-child for all that’s right about football, and he’s tearing his team apart, while it’s “sickening” that Favre’s coming back and the media is backing him up. Everyone, but Stephen A. that is….


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Stephen A. Smith Heckled at 2008 NBA Draft

We all know that Stephen A. Smith is like Lamar Odom, all dressed up but with nowhere to go.  Our boy Stephen is a knowledgable fellow on paper, but doesn’t play well in the big games, like Odom.  He was demoted from a draft analysis, to a draftee interviewer at the NBA Draft.  This heckler smells bad, and fits in a a size 9 shoe.

Anyway, Fastforward to the 1:50 mark and this heckling video gets good.  The Cheetos ads are busch league, but alas.



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