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Evan Tanner: A True Warrior

Luke Bushwhacker is our expert on MMA and sent us a retrospective commentary on the life of Evan Tanner.  For those who don’t follow MMA, Tanner a former MMA-great, was found dead on a camping trip, as the L.A. Times reports:

“His body is discovered in a remote desert area of Imperial County. Authorities say he apparently ‘succumbed to the elements.”

Like Chris McCandless in “Into the Wild,” mother nature got the best of him.  Please comment on your favorite moment of Tanner’s.  Here is an exclusive feature from Luke:

If you haven’t already heard, the sport of MMA lost a true warrior yesterday, Evan Tanner. Though not all details have surfaced, it appears that Tanner embarked on a trip to the desert, ran out of gas, attempted to walk his way out, and ultimately was overcome by dehydration in the mountains near Palo Verde, CA. The unfortunate circumstances of his death mirror the manner in which he lived his life both in and out of cage, which was loose and on the edge.

Travelling in the desert alone is dangerous for even the most experienced of outdoors men, but Evan Tanner only did life one way. In the ring, Tanner was a throwback fighter, never one for a game plan he entered the ring with an “Anywhere, Anytime” attitude. His style in the ring screamed “Me Against the World” and he was very successful using it. He became the USWF Heavyweight Champ in 1997 and successfully defended his title seven times. He then headed off to the UFC, where he immediately faced Tito Ortiz for the light heavyweight title and lost, but he eventually took home the middleweight crown in 2005.

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Capoeira Fighter Gets More Than He Bargained For


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From Luke:

The UFC is considering a November return for Rampage and a bout against Wanderlei Silva. Are you kidding me? The guy is mental, there is no way he should be let back in the ring until he gets his head on straight, not to mention he’d get his head kicked in again by Wandy. Details are here, even more info from SI.com here


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WTF is Affliction and Will it Survive in the World of MMA?

We hate to break it to soccer and competative eating  fans, but mix martial arts is America’s fastest growing sport.  Over the weekend, Affliction Banned took place in Annaheim.  Most of my friends don’t know what a “MMA” is, but our fellow blogger, Luke knows what he’s talking about so we invited him to clue us in if this Affliction thing is going to make it.

Exclusive Affliction MMA Wrap-Up by Luke Bushwhacker

Does this whole Affliction thing really have legs? Short answer is yes, long answer is no. We’ll go with the short answer first. Affliction will be here for now because it has Fedor and a stellar list of heavyweights to fight him.  Now for the long answer.  I don’t see Affliction, in its current state, remaining as a long-term threat to the UFC for a number of reasons. First, they are a tee-shirt company trying to put on a MMA event. Red Bull has taken this approach to selling their energy drink, by buying up two soccer teams and I think it can be said it has not been a great investment on their part.

If Affliction’s end goal is to increase their brand name and exposure at a profit then get out now, because aside from the talent, the production quality of their event sucked. Everything was off, from the previews, to the segment transitions, to the announcing, nothing seemed to mesh. They tried to go with the Japanese show format with over the top ring walks, the Megadeath show and Michael Buffer doing the ring announcing but no one seemed to know their place. The first televised fight started off in the second round!!!!!!!!!!!

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MMA Fighter Rampage Jackson BUSTED

This really shocked us, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was arrested for a hit and run. This guy seemed about as calm as a bull in a china shop. He was taken down by police gunpoint in Orange County, CA. Yes, that’s the O.C., see Kristen Cavallari. Anyway, he fled like O.J., and took off in Southern California, after hitting a car. Rampge drives a monster truck and he’s also a brain surgeon. He knew he’d go incognito, without anyone noticing his wheels, with his photo on the side of his 4×4.

The police, see Chips, charged him with “felony hit and run and felony evading arrest.” This guy is amazing. This is a brilliant idea for how to build-out MMA, a sport that needs a major following. Bad press is good press for most, huh Rampage?

Update from TMZ:

Rampage was on the 55 Freeway in the O.C., hit two cars and got off the freeway. The chase was on. Rampage then began driving on the center divider. But it gets worse. According to the police report, Jackson then drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee for their lives.” He started driving the wrong way on a crowded street, colliding with yet another car in an intersection. As he continued on, running several red lights, his tire disintegrated and he began driving on the rim. Rampage eventually got to the exclusive Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, where he again drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee in terror.”
Eventually, his car came to a stop and he was taken into custody at gunpoint. Cops took him to the Orange County Jail, but they determined he was “medically unfit” to be booked. Cops won’t say if he was high.

What Would Tyler Durden do Via Luke at Bringing back the Bushwhackers


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The Week that Was in Baronsville, Mid-Summer Edition

It was another packed week, with featured guest contributors and our own, angry B.C. fan vented about the Atlanta Falcon’s Fan Outreach with Matt Ryan

The Hipster Fight Club is the weekend video. This isn’t exactly a UFC match, but Luke, let’s throw these guys into the Octagon.

Federer and Nadel played an epic match, that most of America missed. Watch the highlights

Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman will be working on NBC Sunday Night Football this fall We hope that they bring the heat.

Two mustache posts in a row, Mr. Giambi rocks a ‘stach with a big endorsement, while a classic 80’s mustache wearer, Don Mattingly is the Dodgers hitting coach.

Evan Longoria made the All-Star Game and canceled his Vegas trip. When’s football coming back already?

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The Bushwhackers Uncover the World of MMA

Luke and Butch are back, re-done, and reloaded. Check them out at Bringing Back the Bushwhackers

They’ve got some Affliction, UFC, and all things MMA coming your way, check it out.

Affliction to Carry Two Fights Free on FSN

Affliction has announced it will partner up with FSN to show two bouts for the one-hour “free” portion of the July 19 “Affliction: Banned” event. Affliction has also announced that death metal band Megadeath will perform throughout their show “Affliction: Banned” on July 19th.  It is unknown in what capacity they will perform, but one would guess that they would do songs between fights.  Megadeath has been hugly popular throughout the years and has sold over 20 millions cds.  While it was rumored that Ozzy Osbourne would perform, Megadeath is not a huge surprise considering that they are already involved with Affliction’s popular clothing lines.

On June 5th Affliction and Donald Trump held a joint press conference to announce Donald Trump as an equity partner.  Affliciton also announced the signing of ex-UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski who will fight Ben Rothwell on the undercard of their “Afflcition: Banned” event.

The Bushwhackers


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