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Kenny Mayne’s Mayne Street, Funnier Than Expected

I went into the new ESPN web series, Mayne Street with some apprehension that Mayne would pull off a funny show.  However, to his credit, the show is entertaining.  Scott Van Pelt should win a Webby or some internet award as best supporting actor, in the series.  I hope the show continue its comedic trajectory and I will definitely tune in for by bi-weekly dose of Mayne Street.


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Redskins Shaun Suisham 110 yard field goal – Not as Real as We’d Like to Believe

Real or Fake?  Youtube nerds have been skeptical about the truth the 110 yard field goal kick since WUSA uploaded the video to their site weeks ago.   And not surprisingly, Brett Haber, confirmed that it is indeed a fake.

This whole real or fake video phenomenon mostly happens in post-production, not on the field.  Ronaldhino didn’t hit the cross bar 4 times in a row, Kobe didn’t jump over an Aston Martin, and Suisham’s leg isn’t strong enough for a 110 yard field goal.


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