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Dan Snyder is Sort of a Tool

Dan Snyder is fired up and very awkward in expressing his true feelings.  This was his reaction after the Cowboys victory. This is his celebration after the Eagles’ win.  Thanks to Mr.  Irrelevant.


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Congrats to Art Monk and Darrell Green

If you haven’t checked out Kissing Suzy Kolber’s copy of Art Monk’s Hall of Fame speech, it’s a must read. Monk waited far too long for his induction, and it’s even sweeter that he’s heading into Canton with Darrell Green.  Art deserved much better treatment by the Hall of Fame Writers.  We’ve never understood what gives a fossilized writer from Sports Illustrated the luxury of okay’ing one ‘Skins enshrinement in Canton.  KSK drops these words:

Of course I can’t conclude without thanking the members of the media who have supported my induction for so many years. There is something incredibly humbling about having thousands of tireless fans passionately campaigning on your behalf. Today I share this honor with all of you, and thank you for your support.

With all that being said, I’d like to address one more group before I go sit back down to listen to my friend and teammate Darrell Green.

To Peter King, Cliff Christl, Paul Zimmerman, and any of my other current and former detractors, consider yourselves humbly invited to…

Follow the link to read the rest.

Kissing Suzy Kolber

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Fred Smooth Proves Nicknames Never Should be Self-Appointed

Fred Smoot is a ridiculous. This is what he wants to be called this year

Fred Smoot: Yeah, my name now is “Brother O’Dell, Pass the Biscuits, Pappy O’Daniels.” That’s my whole name.

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Picture of Last Week

This is how Jim Zorn Kicks his QBs into shape…Who’s up for a game of Dodgeball? 

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Washington Post’s Writer Has Man-Crush on Jason Taylor

Our buddy D.C. Justice is dialed in the “inside the beltway” sports, and all those who report on them.  He raises a good point about the Washington Post’s Mike Wise crossing the line with his man-crush on Jason Taylor.  It’s cool for our girlfriends to have a fantasy about someone from Dancing with the Stars, afterall it’s a show for the ladies.  But Mr. Wise’s bro-love is aggressive.

I am all for people having a man-crush on their favorite athletes. This article by Mike goes to far, I felt uncomfortable reading about his love of Jason Taylor. He says

“Goodbye, Derek Jeter. Peace out, Tom Brady. I don’t want to be you anymore. I have a new man-crush. Someone taller, faster, more handsome and unbelievably polished replaced you, someone who makes the foxtrot more in vogue than the sprinkler. ” ( ok I will let this slide and keep reading)

“But the more the square-shouldered gentleman infused humor with humility — the more he kept flashing the telegenic smile ”  ( a little questionable)

“Taylor looked like Xerxes, the clean-shaven, baritone-voiced Persian king in the movie “300.” Indeed, there was something about Jason Taylor that smacked of royalty. ” ( This is just too far)


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Jason Taylor Traded to ‘Skins

Our favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, Jason Taylor is now a Redskin. The Dolphins traded Taylor for a second round pick in 2009 and a sixth round pick in 2009. Taylor wanted a chance to win, now…but are the ‘Skins really that team? They’ve made the playoffs 2 our of 3 years and have a rookie head coach. Snyder opened his bank account and will pay Taylor $16.5 million over the next two years.

Snyder has been buying local D.C. sports talk radio stations like a madman, and canned local hero’s John Riggins’ show, in favor of ESPN’s Schrute-bag.

Taylor is old and has one or two good years left in him. The ‘Skins needed another lineman, so it’s a smart move by Vinny Cerrato. Wow, the ‘Skins made a smart off-season move, we just read that two times over.


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Around Town in the Blogosphere

Fanhouse wonders if David Falk’s agenda or Elton Brand’s east coast roots – drove him to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kissing Suzy Kolber is assessing the tail of the tape between Skins’ own badass, Mike Sellers vs. Brian Urlacher of the Bears. We think Sellers is a triple threat h-back/tight end/fullback who would dust off Ulracher. But we’re biased.

The Sporting Blog believes that baseball spikes make good weapons and a teen was arrested in Kansas for stomping his cleats on a 1st baseman, after being thrown out.

Tirico Suave is the best blogger name ever and he found a video of Real Life Tony Soprano waving a runner home. Mr. Suave cut together this amazing clip.


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