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Nintendo Boxer Knocks-out Jose Canseco

We know that Jose Canseco was embarassed by Vai Sikahema in a celebrity boxing match over the weekend. But Jose also got his ass kicked on the Nintendo version of the fight. Mario from Super Mario fame referred the fight and raised the victorious right hand of Piston Honda aka Vai Sikahema.


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Jose Canseco Debo’ed in Charity Boxing Match

Jose Canseco, the world’s biggest tool, was knocked-out over the weekend by Vai Sikahema, in a charity boxing match. Sikahema was a return man for the Eagles, made two Pro Bowl and knocked the tar out of a Field Goal Post in the 1990s. These same goal-post punching skills were put to use when Canseco got knocked out twice in the 1st round, and it it couldn’t have happened to a worse guy.

Canseco is a dirt-bag, who we’ve ran into a few times at events around town. Fortunately for us, each moment was limited to a few words of conversation. His Southern California home was recently forclosed, and he owed the bank $2.5 million in payments on the house. His booked “Juiced” ratted out all of MLB for using steroids. This guy needed a good debo, word.

Stephen A. is again taking us through the commentary while watching the highlights. Stephen A. is omni-present at the Sports Baron today, yes we know this.


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